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We often don't see all the choices available to us as individuals and leaders. Leaders, teams and organizational cultures carry beliefs, assumptions, and expectations that spur them forward or get in their way. Great leaders and organizations engage in a continuous process of growth and learning.  Coaching provides the learning space to articulate the gaps, define clear goals, and build actionable next steps.  It is a unique support system to manage the learning process to goal achievement.


Sandra Stewart leads the work of SLS as a consultant for over 20 years and an executive coach since 1999.  She has an MBA from Columbia University, a corporate background and was Adjunct Professor of Leadership Development at a top-ranked business school.  She is certified at the highest level (MCC) by the International Coach Federation and trains coaches for an ICF accredited training program.  She is author of Building the Core Competencies of Change: A Guide to Coaching in Organizations


For coaches, coaching program managers, talent executives and leaders.  How to align coaching programs to organizational goals.  Examples of how organizations around the world create change with coaching.  Click here to order.

For all of us to understand:

  • Why change is so hard

  • How to build your capacity for change

  • Coaching and what makes it powerful

  • How to build the competencies for change in your organization


Executives and talent development professionals to learn:

  • How to create a culture to succeed in this fast-paced, changing marketplace

  • How to build competitive advantages with the core competencies of change in your people

  • How to build a strategic coaching program to achieve organizational goals

  • Examples of coaching programs from around the world


Coaches and aspiring coaches to learn:

  • The key skills to coach powerfully with the Human Challenge

  • The factors for successful coaching in organizations

  • How to align coaching to organizational goals

  • How coaching is making change in society as a whole


 How do you build a highly functioning organization that is directed and effective and thrives in change? 

Do you lead with strong vision, effective actions and powerful results?  


Do you want to use coaching skills at work or become a certified coach?  




"The biggest thing I’ve gotten is self-realization.  She is very good at getting to the root of something. By the end of one hour, I didn’t know where we were going when we started and I learned so much about myself.  I don’t know how she did it."



Sandra Stewart has coached with private, public and non-profit organizations since 1999. Industries include: consumer products, professional services, media, technology. defense contracting, think tanks, policy, government and private sector healthcare....

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