Sandra Stewart

Sandra Stewart coaches teams, senior and high-potential executives in leadership and personal development.  An executive coach since 1999 and an Adjunct Professor of Leadership Development at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, Sandi uses management and life balance tools, assessments and best-practice literature to complement her coaching.  Additionally, she teaches coaching for an ICF accredited training program at American University.

Sandra coaches senior-level government, corporate and nonprofit leaders and has experience in working with senior executives from billion-dollar organizations to small nonprofits.  She supports her clients to build awareness of their strengths and find opportunities and choices in resolving their professional and personal challenges and stress points.  Her work with teams builds stronger rapport, greater strategic focus and accelerates change in their organizations.


Recent clients include senior executives at Ernst & Young, the Federal Reserve Board, Minitab, Petco, Abbvie, Heritage Foundation, Brookings Institution, and Commonwealth Fund, Department of Commerce, and PBS.  

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