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Asked for a conservative estimate of the monetary payoff from the coaching they got, these managers described an average return of more than $100,000, or about six times what the coaching had cost their companies.

Fortune, 2/19/01, "Executive Coaching -- With Returns a CFO Could Love"



The COO of a broadcast company was concerned about the discord on his senior management team.  There were significant power struggles among the team executives who were observed to be withholding resources and information to other divisions, promoting gossip and rumors about other executives and blocking the success of one division for the benefit of another.  SLS coaching and consulting conducted an organizational 360.  Clear organizational development areas were established from the results and recommendations were made to the COO.  SLS coached the team to create a enterprise-wide vision and objectives.  The executive was coached for 12 months on how to make the changes needed in communication systems and norms, coach his executives and then sustain the change .  Today the team is aligned to a common vision and vested in the enterprise success instead of their own functional areas.  The team communicates with a higher level of respect and transparency.



Do you lead a highly functioning organization that is directed and effective? You sense your organization or team are not performing the way they could... You want your organization to understand leadership style and capabilities, articulate and organize around a strategy or communicate as a team for better results... You want to achieve remarkable results and motivate people....

SLS has worked with teams and organizations to:

  • Reset marketing strategy and team alignment

  • Transition to new leadership

  • Create cross-functional alignment

  • Reduce discord and increase communication

  • Analyze product viability and assess customer concerns

Organizational & Team Assessments:

  • Organization diagnostic with interviews

  • 360 Degree for Organizations

  • TTI Team Insights™

  • TTI 12 Driving Forces™for Teams




Engaging Teams

A high level executive found that her team required constant pushing and micro-managing to get results.  SLS Coaching & Consulting conducted interviews of her team, peers and leadership and found that her fast-paced need for results in a risk-averse organizational culture was standing in her way to buy-in from her team and peers.  With style assessments and coaching this executive and the executives around her improved their communication skills and engaged the team to achieve superior business results.

Reset organizational strategy and team alignment ∙ Coach-in new leadership


A fitness services company was transitioning leadership from founder and owner-run to a new senior management team.  Over the course of a year we coached the founders around life transition issues moving them to a new oversight role of the company.  We worked with the management team to coach them from managers to leaders.  We assisted in the authoring of a new strategic plan and we conducted mid-level management team facilitation to enhance communication and build buy-in to a new strategic and operational strategy for the company. 


Relaunch of team culture & process

An IT division in large non-profit wanted to reset their culture after the departure of a senior manager.  The division wanted to move from a command and control reactive organization that operated in silos to an organization that shared priorities and approached problems with a collegial and positive approach.  Facilitations were led to help the team gain perspective on the old culture and its effects on systems, structures and style.  New processes were proposed to move forward into a more proactive space with task forces to build norms and protocols that would become the foundation for the new culture.  Coaching the leader of the group helped to support the on-going team development.


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